Anticon Roofing Blanket

Got a metal roof? Combining glasswool and reflective insulation in a single product, Bradford Anticon has been specifically designed to provide superior thermal insulation, noise reduction and condensation control for metal roofs.

Bradford Anticon is specifically designed for temperature control in homes with metal roofs.

It is comprised of a glasswool blanket adhered to a foil facing. This reduces radiant heat entering a home during summer, and helps prevent condensation in winter. Installing Bradford Anticon under your metal roof also helps reduce unwanted noise from heavy rain and other sources by up to 13dB.

Bradford Anticon is available in a variety of thicknesses so you can choose the level of insulation that best suits your needs.

ProductBase Blanket R-ValueNominal ThicknessStandard Sizem2 Per Roll
Anticon 60 - Light Duty FoilR1.360mm15m x 1200mm18
Anticon 80 - Light Duty FoilR1.880mm15m x 1200mm18
Anticon 60 - Medium Duty FoilR1.360mm15m x 1200mm18
Anticon 80 - Medium Duty FoilR1.880mm15m x 1200mm18