Wall Wrap & Roof Sarking

Wall Wrap and Roof Sarking is a pliable membrane installed at the time of build which acts as a barrier, protecting your home from storm driven rain and dust and can improve thermal performance throughout the warmer months.

Below is a list of the most commonly used products. If you can’t see the product you are looking for, please contact us to discuss – We can supply an extensive range of CSR Bradford wall wrap and roof sarking products which may not be listed below.

Please contact one of our team members to help with your roof sarking and wall wrap requirements.


ThermosealTM Roof Metal Wall is a light duty, paper based wall wrap or roof sarking for use in higher temperature applications, it provided both an inward and outwards reflective air gap R-Value when positioned adjacent to an air space. It has an anti-glare finish on the outward facing surface to reduce glare during installation and is recommended for exterior brick veneer and metal roof construction.

ThermosealTM Wall Wrap is a tough , medium duty polyweave wall wrap for use in exterior brick veneer walls where there is no insulation in the internal stud cavity. Wall Wrap provides an inward facing reflective air gap R-Value when positioned adjacent to an air space.

ThermosealTM Roof Tile is a heavy duty, medium weight membrane suitable for use under cement and terracotta tiled roofs. This is an economical single layer polymeric membrane designed for everyday applications. It can also provide an additional air gap R-Value to improve the thermal performance of roofs.

EnvirosealTM ProctorWrapTM RW is a Light* Duty, triple layer spun bond vapour permeable wall wrap for use with brick, timber, steel, fibre cement and Hebel Construction in residential and light commercial wall construction. It is tear resistant making it easy to handle during installation and is printed with a 150mm lap line to make alignment of overlapping simple.

Polyair Performa XHD is a range of double sided reflective foam insulation products are designed for use in residential and commercial sheds and masonry wall construction. The XHD range combines an inner core of fire retardant PE foam with two layers of reflective foil laminates with an outward facing orange coloured anti-glare which deliver an extra heavy duty classification. These products provided an inward and outward reflective R-Value when positioned adjacent to an air space and the products core assists in reducing heat flow.

ProductWidth (mm)Length (m)m2 Per Roll
Thermoseal Roof Metal Wall13503040.5
Thermoseal Wall Wrap13503040.5
Thermoseal Roof Tile15003045
Enviroseal ProctorWrap RW15005075
Enviroseal ProctorWrap RW27502568.75
Polyair Performa XHD - 4mm135022.2530
Polyair Performa XHD - 8mm135022.2530