Bradford Polymax - Ceiling & Wall Batts

Bradford Polymax ceiling and wall batts are a premium polyester insulation.

Made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibre, they are low allergen and VOC free, no itch and easy to install.


Bradford Polymax thermal batts are polyester insulation from Australia’s leading insulation company, CSR Bradford. Designed to save energy they provide excellent thermal insulation and are suitable for walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial buildings.

Bradford Polymax is thermally bonded polyester fibre insulation that complies with AS 4859.1. R-Values quoted below are for the insulation material only.


Bradford Polymax thermal batts are designed to suit a wide range of building applications. Bradford Polymax is suitable for walls and ceilings in new or existing homes.


Bradford Polymax thermal batts are light-weight and easy to install, made from 100% polyester fibre packaged in batt form.

  • Can reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain
  • Non-irritant
  • Easy to install
  • Made from 80% recycled fibre
  • No waste is generated in manufacture
R-ValueThickness (mm)Standard Size (mm) Pieces Per Pack m2 Per PackCoverage Per Pack (m2)
R3.0 Ceiling Batts1801160 x 43084.04.5
R3.0 Ceiling Batts 1801160 x 58085.46.1
R3.5 Ceiling Batts2001160 x 43084.04.5
R3.5 Ceilings Batts2001160 x 58075.46.1
R4.0 Ceiling Batts2201160 x 43063.03.4
R4.0 Ceiling Batts2201160 x 58064.04.5
R1.5 Wall Batts901160 x 430168.09.0
R1.5 Wall Batts901160 x 5801610.812.2
R2.0 Wall Batts901160 x 430126.06.7
R2.0 Wall Batts901160 x 580128.19.1
R2.5 Wall Batts901160 x 43084.04.5
R2.5 Wall Batts901160 x 58085.46.1